DC Bear-A-Thon

Our Polar Bear made the trip to Washington D.C. in March 2018 for the Rock' n' Roll Half-Marathon ( Bear-A-Thon). Take a few minutes to watch the video we made in support of our brave bear's race for World Wildlife Fund (WWF)!


The Polar Bear has been training to shed his stored hibernation fat, to try and run the entire 13.1 miles- - fur and all, and is seeking pledges through WWF’s Panda Nation page, in support of their amazing work in protecting the remaining wild places and inhabitants of our planet. With your help, our Polar Bear can meet the challenge that has been laid down – to break the all-time WWF Panda Nation fundraising record!

We have lost over half of all wild mammals, fish, reptiles and amphibians since 1970. The recent Living Planet Report predicts that by 2020 we will have lost 2 out of 3 of these creatures!

There are solutions and amazing people working to preserve the natural world for future generations, by combatting deforestation, habitat destruction, and by promoting more sustainable fishing and agriculture practices worldwide. Check out WWF’s work to create a ‘Future For People AND Nature’ at https://www.worldwildlife.org/initiatives.

Please, contribute what you can and/or post our video on social media. Also, forward to anyone who is wild, loves the wild, or would like to preserve the wild for their own bear cubs, and future generations.

Be part of the solution – and perhaps the “Wisest Generation"! Please join us in working together with WWF on this important work.

Your donation today will help make it possible to protect the future of nature. Please help preserve our planet for the humans that you love and future generations!

Mother Nature needs our support at this time more than ever!

THANK YOU for giving what you can!